Past Courses

Boiler Tube Damage, Failure, and Life Assessment Course

On 16-17th May 2023, Damask Materials Solutions, in collaboration with ETD Consulting based in the UK, hosted a comprehensive course titled ‘Boiler Tube Damage, Failure, and Life Assessment.’ The course, which was held in TNB Research, was facilitated by Dr. David Robertson, a metallurgist with over 15 years of expertise in Boiler and HRSG tube failure and life assessment. This course comprised five modules:

  1. Materials of Construction, Damage Mechanisms, and Tube Inspection
  2. Damage Mechanisms
  3. Tube Inspection
  4. Root Cause Failure Analysis & Case Histories of Tube Failures in Boilers & HRSGs
  5. Life Assessment and Risk-Based Management

Power Plant Inspection and Condition/Life Assessment Seminar

Damask Materials Solutions in collaboration with ETD Consulting organized a half-day seminar titled ‘Power Plant Inspection and Condition/Life Assessment’ on 15th May 2023,. This seminar took place at TNB Research and featured presentations by four distinguished speakers:

  • Ahmed Shibli – Director of ETD Consulting
  • David Robertson – Lead Metallurgist, ETD Consulting
  • Syed Ahmed Nadeem – Senior Consultant, ETD Consulting
  • Ir Dr. Ng Guat Peng – Head of Material Engineering & Testing Group, TNB Research

The seminar covered several important topics, including:

  • Flexible operation of conventional power and CCGT plants with increasing renewables – technical & cost issues
  • Boiler tube inspection and life management
  • P91 & P92 in Power Plants – quality control, in-service inspection, and safe operating life
  • P91 & P92 in Power Plants – Case Studies
  • Innovations and recent developments in inspection and life/crack assessment, including new software systems
  • RBI and RCM for power plants
  • Integrity assessment for P91 steam piping



Two Consecutive Training Courses

Course 1:

P91/P92 Martensitic Steels: Fabrication, Welding, Heat Treatment, Quality Check, Damage Mechanisms, Plant Experience, Integrity/Life Assessment

Course 2:

T/P23 and T/P24 Steels: Material Properties, Heat Treatment, and Weld Behavior

Damask Materials Solutions, in collaboration with ETD Consulting, organized these courses to address the increasing use of P91, P92, P23, and P24 steels in the newer generation of power plants. Plant manufacturers, owners, operators, and service providers are encountering new challenges related to quality control, fabrication (bending, welding), heat treatment, early-stage damage detection during inspection, and integrity/life assessment. These courses covered these aspects and various other issues related to these steels.

The courses were led by three prominent experts from Europe and Japan:

  • Ahmed Shibli, Director, ETD Consulting, UK
  • David Robertson, Lead Metallurgist, ETD Consulting, UK
  • Dr. Fujimitsu Masuyama, Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology in Mechanical Metallurgy and Product System Engineering, Japan

The training sessions took place at the Bangi Resort Hotel in Selangor from 24-26th June 2019.



High-Temperature Oxidation Training Course

This course organized by Damask Materials Solutions as part of its Power Generation Training Series. This comprehensive course was held at the Hotel Bangi-Putrajaya from 6-8th March 2017. This course is meticulously designed to encompass both fundamental principles and practical applications of oxidation, particularly in the context of power plant equipment. This course delivered by Dr. Badrol Bin Ahmad, Managing Director of Damask Materials Solutions, with 35 years of expertise in this field.